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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond

Michael Sieck, Ph.D.

About The Founder

Dr. Michael Sieck, founder of The Three Fold Way, is also the Director of the Redlands Therapy Group, serves as a faculty member at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and is a certified Bioenergetic Analyst.



Dr. Sieck taught graduate and undergraduate psychology courses at the University of California, Riverside and published many papers on brain-behavior relationships. Since 1974, he has been providing psychotherapy services and has published several training manuals and assessment tools.


In his practice at the Redlands Therapy Group and in Three Fold Way workshops he currently combines elements of:


  • Bioenergetics

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Jungian approaches

  • Object Relations

  • Psychodrama 


Dr. Sieck also has a strong psycho-spiritual orientation.  In the past he was an active student of Krishnamurti and a participant in Diamond Heart Work. He presents at conferences and university functions and has extensive experience leading numerous groups. 

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