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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond

... the end goal is not mastery of a particular set of tools or interventions, but rather a greater awareness and integration of body, mind, and spirit.

How A Session Works

The process through which we grow and change in The Three Fold Way can be likened to following the course of a stream: flowing, organic, both uniform and ever-changing in each moment of its course.


In this process, client and practitioner explore old, fixed ways of perceiving oneself and the world, examine the validity of existing systems of meaning, and co-create new experiences:


  • being seen

  • being accepted and loved

  • and realizing that one’s love for others creates positive impact


Each process begins in the context of a respectful, loving relationship between client and practitioner, where the client’s story unfolds in a manner where the content is accompanied by associated bodily processes providing additional channels of information that expand and deepen the process.


The question “what wants to happen?” continues to open and deepen the process, giving support for anything that desires to be but has not yet been expressed – aspects of the hidden authentic self which constitute the broader landscape of human potential and aliveness.

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