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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond

Personal Stories

"The Three Fold Way  has offered me both a tremendous community for my own personal healing, and experiential training in a powerfully transformative, relationally based therapeutic process. The Three Fold Way integrates attachment theory, character analysis, neuroscience, and somatic psychology -- equipping the therapist to provide deep work with clients, reaching and integrating all parts of their being: body, cognition, emotion, and spirit. The founder and trainer of the Three Fold Way, Dr. Michael Sieck, has been working in the field for over 40 years.  His breadth of knowledge, open loving heart, and wisdom offers a training experience that will not be found elsewhere."


Carolyn Kutsko, Ph.D., Nashville, TN



"I became a member of the Three Fold Way study group two years ago. The healing that I experienced with the group and the material that we learned helped to transmute my core values,  not only as a professional but as a human being as well. For the first time in my life I feel like I could let go of my old adaptations and allow myself to have authentic relationships, trust others and see people for who they are without judgment.  Michael offers not only wisdom and knowledge but an incredible capacity to love and support everyone in their process of rediscovering themselves.


Zoia Krioukova, M.A., Santa Monica CA

Doctoral Candidate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology



"The Three Fold Way places an emphasis on two areas that, while present for every human during our waking hours, are unfortunately either taken for granted at best or ignored at worst.   First, almost everyone’s sense of self is concentrated around the mind, notwithstanding new discoveries in neuroscience that absolutely point to the inseparability of the mind-body interconnectedness.  Second, we are in relationship with every person and group, including ourselves, at every moment.  The Three Fold Way initially helps us to be mindful of these two paradigms as we negotiate life, and then by utilizing honest communication and unconditional curiosity, the Three Fold Way enables us to, like the Delphi and Socrates extol, “Know yourself.”  We awaken from the dream of our false selves to embrace our true divinity and power in a kind and loving manner."


Wade H. Cockburn, Ph.D., Houston, TX

Clinical Supervisor, Child & Family Therapist



"The Three Fold Way has been the perspective in psychotherapy that I’ve been seeking my entire adult life. Talk therapy without including the body kept me talking for years, leaving my body’s symptoms ignored and keeping my ideas trapped in their instrument. Both as a psychotherapist and as a person on a healing path, I needed a 21st century update of Lowen’s insightful but patriarchally limited vision of body-mind healing. Michael Sieck’s development of the Three Fold Way has been just that liberating update, embracing archetypal, object-relational, and somatic healing ideas and methods. My body is grateful; my mind; and, I would dare guess, my clients!"


Gary Glickman, Ph.D., Santa Monica, CA

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