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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond

We all deserve the opportunity to recognize more and more of the vast human potential which lies within all of us.  



The Three Fold Way workshops offer one such avenue for this journey, further integrating mind, body, and spirit.  


For Those Seeking Personal Growth

True to its name, all Three Fold Way Growth and Transformation groups emphasize deep personal exploration and relationship dynamics as learning and growth tools.



Groups typically meet four times/year (e.g., quarterly) in a supportive setting over three day weekends (Friday-Sunday). Participants experientially explore specific weekend topics and everyone quickly discovers that every meeting offers new avenues for personal growth.  Taking the journey of self exploration and growth in the company of similar minded individuals is a powerful experience.


Groups quickly become close knitted “families” – quite unlike typical biological families – where each individual supports, encourages and leads others into ever deeper possibilities of living a rich, fulfilling life. All groups are also facilitated by trained Three Fold Way practitioners who maintain a sense of safety and active guidance as the process increasingly unfolds.  In practice, each 3 day weekend starts with a check-in and group knitting followed by a lecture-demonstration of the current topic. Dyad and triad exercises as well as group processes make this a lived experience beyond mere verbal learning. On days 2 and 3, individually tailored sessions with group participants help each person open and explore aspects of their own adaptive self dynamics that leads to increasingly open and authentic presence.



On Friday and Saturday evenings, various activities enhance and deepen the process and may include viewing related films, pursuing individual body oriented work and pursuing group activities.  Logistically, groups contract to a year at a time on dates that suit the majority of the attendees.  No one is obligated to continue or attend every weekend. At each meeting the topic of the weekend is presented by the facilitators and amplified by group processes as above.


The topics covered include (among others):


  • Mind, Body and Spirit as a unified process

  • Differentiating the adaptive and authentic selves

  • The properties of the adaptive self

  • Explorations into duality and understanding object relations

  • Open vs closed relational dynamics

  • Dealing with shame and fear

  • Why it is difficult to change and ways to overcome this

  • Discovering and practicing authentic communication

  • Dealing with relationship issues

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