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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond

The more fully we recognize our own human potential the more we can bring to our work as helping professionals, and the richer our lives become in all realms of our day to day experience. 



For Helping Professionals

This track of Three Fold Way workshops offers a synthesis of personal and professional growth: we learn to offer this path to our clients by fully engaging in the work ourselves.

The Practitioner program is designed for those who want to obtain the most complete understanding of the Three Fold Way (3FW) along with deep personal growth and transformation that they can also share with others.  Individuals from many different professional orientations obtain significant knowledge and powerful skills that easily transfer to their own and other’s lives.


True to its title, the 3FW training utilizes relationships as learning and growth tools while participants actively (e.g., experientially) explore the course content.  Everyone quickly discovers that each weekend offers new avenues for personal and professional growth.

In practice, each 3 day weekend starts with a check-in and group knitting followed by a lecture-demonstration of the current topic. Dyad and triad exercises as well as group processes make
this a lived experience beyond mere verbal learning. On days 2 and 3, individually tailored sessions with group participants help each person open and explore aspects of their own adaptive self dynamics that leads to increasingly open and authentic presence.


On Friday and Saturday evenings, various activities enhance and deepen the process and may include viewing related films, pursuing individual body oriented work and pursuing group activities.

The training program includes a personalized manual that each participant completes over the 3.5 year period. Hand-outs, readings tailored to the topics and personal notes amplify and expand the overall experience as does an on-line closed study group where participants may share insights, explore questions and much more.

Weekend 1. Introduction to the 3FW: The role of Awareness: Relationship, Soma, and Psyche

Weekend 2. The Adaptive Self and its properties (The why and how of it: Agency and Meaning Explored)

Weekend 3. Duality in Consciousness: Introduction to Object Relational Gestalts (ORGs) and their dynamics

Weekend 4. Adaptive Self Layers: Introduction to Character: Attachment theory: Vertical and Horizontal relationship dynamics

Weekend 5. The Developmental Stages and dynamics of the adaptive self: Character I: The Existence Level

Weekend 6. Character 2: The Needs level

Weekend 7. Character 3: The Symbiotic theme

Weekend 8. Character 4: The Autonomy level

Weekend 9. Character 5: The Will level

Weekend 10. Character 6: Sexuality and social relationships level (rigidity and hysterical themes)

Weekend 11. Trauma Basics

Weekend 12. Complex Trauma

Weekend 13. Practicing and the 3FW

Weekend 14. Synthesis and Integration: Doing the Work: Graduation

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