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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond

...and the journey begins...

 Individual Session Registration:

Pathways to Wholeness Workshop


Friday, March 20th-Sunday, March 22nd

at Pine Manor, Lake Elsinore, CA

In addition to the variety of healing approaches included in the workshop, you may also opt to explore individual work with healing practitioners in bodywork and massage during the workshop weekend.  Individual sessions are a powerful way to personalize and deepen Three Fold Way work--don't miss this if you can possibly fit it in! 


You can browse and register for the various individual session offerings below.  There is limited session availability, so we encourage you to register now to ensure your spot!   


Cost of each individual session: $85 


Session Length: 1 hour


Adding a session to your shopping cart will redirect you to PayPal for payment.  However, you can return to this page from your shopping cart to add in as many additional individual sessions as you wish!


Bodywork with Caroline Leknius, 

BA, Integrative Healer







My specialty is in working directly with the body through awareness, touch, and movement.  In my sessions I invite you to bring forward some issue or area of interest, perhaps something that has surfaced during the retreat.  You may or may not have an immediate awareness of the body relationship/participation in the issue.  We will use curious questions, touch, and movement to explore "what wants/needs to happen," which can range from building internal resources/ regulation, finding expression, integrating work from the day, healing injured tissues, or just learning more about the lived experience of our bodies as we move through the world and relationships.


A session may include the use of cranio-sacral therapy, exploring the psycho-emotional roots of posture, exploring the psycho-emotional roots of dysfunctional movement patterns, and establishing new neural pathways for more balanced movement patterns.

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Bodywork with Shantika Bernard,

Ph.D., LMT 







In my sessions I use Rosen Method Bodywork to ehance relaxation, movement, and aliveness through increasing your awareness of the connection between your physical and emotional self. We begin by noticing subtle changes in muscle tension and shifts in the breath.  These are recognized as indications that you are relaxing and becoming more aware of your body and internal experience. I then respond with touch and words that allow you to begin to recognize what has been held down by unconscious muscle tension. As this process unfolds, habitual tension and old patterns may be released, freeing you to experience more aliveness, new choices in life, and a greater sense of well-being.

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Bodywork with Zoya Krukov,







In my sessions I encourage a strong connection between the body and the mind by using both touch and talk. I take a holistic approach by employing a combination of techniques including visceral manipulation, energy work, cranial-sacral work, and somatic psychology. Using these techniques, in a session you are guided to connect to your inner senses and feelings, to stay with them, and to allow information (images, sensations, sounds, emotions, movements) to surface into your awareness. This gives us the opportunity to explore and encourage, together, the expression of any inner tension, pain, or emotions that arise. This psychophysiological expression can help you to gain resolution regarding your inner conflicts—a process which can help resolve the physical and emotional symptoms that bring you distress in your life today. 

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Massage with Pindey Shahi,

Licensed Massage Therapist 







I work by exploring tension patterns in the body and utilize a variety of touch and bodywork approaches to pinpoint and release these tension patterns.  In massage sessions I combine Zen Shiatsu, Acupressure, Lomilomi, Reflexology, and Sweedish Massage approaches to address a wide range of internal, musculoskeletal, and emotional conditions.  The massage I practice is geared to not only help heal the body, but also the psyche and spirit.  As such, any emotions which may arise as muscular tension patterns are released during the massage are gently encouraged and supported.  

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Terms and conditions:


Refund Policy:

If for any reason you choose to cancel your session(s), the following refund structure applies:

  • $45 refund per session if cancellation is received via email to on or before March 18th, 2015.

  • No refunds are available if cancellation is received on or after March 19th, 2015.


Submission of payment acknowledges agreement to the above terms and conditions.

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