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Three Fold Way

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

& Beyond



Introductory Workshop



January 10th, 9am-6pm



This one day workshop provides an introduction into Three Fold Way work.  Participants are invited to come and enjoy getting a sense of what it feels like to delve into this work.


At the close of the day, further avenues to continue the work in a series of weekend workshops will be explored.



TBD (Southern California)


Cost: $ 125 

This price inclides a lunch which will be provided at the workshop center.








 integrated approach that considers body, mind, and spirit when addressing the whole field of human suffering and transformation.

Join A Workshop


We've just closed registration for our most recenlty-formed groups.  However, we're glad you're interested in trying out the Three Fold Way workshops!  We'd be happy to let know know when the next workshop opportunity arises.



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